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Find Your Calm.
Create Peace.

MyoFascial Release | CranioSacral Therapy

Somatic Release Breathwork™

to calm the Central Nervous System Healing the Physical and Emotional Body

**Now offering Equine MFR**

Why Join the Healing | Expansion Community?

Healing | Expansion is a division of Inner Rhythms LLC 

Offering an opportunity to discover healing through alternative modalities such as:  Bodywork, BreathWork, Yoga, Sound Healing, Drum Circles, Shamanic Drumming, Gong Bath, Spirit Painting, Manifest Art, Workshops, and more.


Inner Rhythms LLC

Healing | Expansion


Group Sessions, 

1 : 1 Appointments, 

Workshops &


Unique & Simple Approach

Experienced & Professional Facilitators

Creative & Innovative Approach to Life 

New Offerings


Experience the flow of natural healing with the new X39 patch.  Through the innovative technology of phototherapy, the body utilizes it's own light to generate healing from within.  


Available Workshops 
No Available Workshops at this time.
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Choose the Facilitator* That Fits You Best

*Prices may vary 

P. Annette Dunker

Master Practitioner

Kerry L. Dunker

Energy Specialist

Meet Our Team

Inner Rhythms LLC developed by husband/wife team Kerry and Annette Dunker.  Collaborating their individual skills to bring  new and innovative opportunities for healing to Northwest Kansas and beyond.

Annette Marketing.jpg

P. Annette Dunker


(Patricia) Annette Dunker is a master bodyworker.  Completing her initial training in 1996 at the Colorado School of Healing Arts.S he now has more than 25,000 hours of practical experience. Annette has owned and operated her own studio for more than 20 years; her career path has led her from the spa industry, to teaching,  into the sports industry, and on to private practice; adding yoga and meditation to the journey in 2007, drum facilitation in 2018, and Somatic Release BreathWork™ in 2021. She has taught massage professionals, mentored individuals,  and facilitated group workshops.  Annette has studied with John F. Barnes, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie, and currently Dr. Joe Dispenza.  With more than 3500 hours of training, and an extensive background in healing her own life, Annette offers an intuitive approach to guiding others on their  journey.  Available now, by appointment are 1:1 sessions. Coming soon: workshops and retreats in the art of Finding Your Own Truth. 

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Kerry Dunker

MFR | CST | Musician

Kerry Dunker is a gifted energy facilitator, bodyworker and musician.  A long-time touch therapist, beginning his career in the early 80’s, "fishing" walls and running wire by touch. It was in 2011, Kerry discovered his love of bodywork; beginning his education into the world of therapeutic massage and energy work in 2017 with JF Barnes, and completing his certificate hours at The Sedona School of Massage. Kerry's own journey has led him to study CranioSacral Therapy (CST), a gentle modality working with the rhythms of the body, to find balance, healing and pain relief. As he deepens his knowledge of CST, Kerry is becoming a master of stillness.  It is through  stillness that the frequencies of healing flow. Living from the center line of balance, he expresses his love of rhythm through music.  Creating and recording his own albums, Kerry is an accomplished Drum Circle Facilitator.  Kerry’s specialties include:  Myofascial Release, CranioSacral, Reiki & Rhythm. By appointment  for 1-on-1 sessions, group facilitation and Spirit Drum Experiences. Outcall appointments are available.


"After just one cranial sacral treatment and my nerve pain was gone. I had strength in my leg I haven’t had in years. Thanks Kerry."

M. -Arizona

“I have always been a fan of deep tissue massages, because of how much stress I carry in my shoulder. I never knew that the slightest touch could have such a huge impact on my body. I am so happy my friend recommended Kerry's Craniosacral Therapy for me, because it has changed my life by bringing balance into my body."

V. -Arizona

"Hey feet feel in touch with the ground...and warmer.  My shoulders seem lighter, more agile.   My head keeps seeing more ways of using this new info.....thank you."

K. -Kansas

"I don't even know where to start to tell you how I feel. I was so relaxed last night when I got home. Went to bed early and didn't have the shoulder and hip pain like usual. Slept like a baby. Have not had any hip pain today or snapping and cracking of joints in my feet and knees when I walk. I did use the detox pads on my feet last night. They were gross black this morning. Deb asked me what I did last night because I looked and acted like I feel better today.  Thank You!"

G. -Kansas

"My energy level is much better. Today is cleaning day for me and I normally have to rest every so often. Last night and today not so much I am having to make myself stop and rest

The change from one session is mind blowing . And my hip is still great, no pain!

Thank You!"

G. -Kansas

"Annette!  You are doing what you are supposed to be doing. It's because of you that I opened up and remembered....You talked about my spleen....then I see a post about it - literally 6 minutes after I left. are a tremendous help to me....guiding me through and helping me me the way....Hugs!!!!Hugs!!!!!"

C. -Kansas

Learn More

John F. Barnes MyoFascial Release (JFBMFR): 

a non-invasive hands on modality which creates deep change within the fascial structure of the body

MyoFascial Release Technique Principles

Duration 6:33

This video is an excellent, explanation of the John F. Barnes MyoFascial Release Technique (JFBMFR). Thank you to Dr. Gerald H. Pollack for creating this video.

What is Myofascial Release?
Play Video

How MyoFascial Release | CranioSacral Therapy | Somatic Release BreathWork™ | Drum Circles Changes Our Lives

Helps you sleep better


Decreases anxiety & depression


Reduces stress levels 


Improves attention & concentration


Student, " How do you begin?"

John, "Walk in the Room."

John F. Barnes


coming soon


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